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Body Scrub & Body Wrap

Mud Spa
Massage Salts



True Natural Spa Coffee Sugar Body Scrub


True Natural Spa use  Natural Coffee Sugar exfoliants make for the ultimate natural body polish, while pure cane sugar and nature’s gentle buffers nourish and condition eliminating dry skin. Rich, buttery feel and a blend of skin loving moisturizers leave the skin soft and silky smooth, also Designed to Target unwanted Cellulite .

30 minutes body scrub include shower  $60 

30 minutes Body Scrub with other packages $50



True Natural Spa Body Scrub with Dead Sea & Chamomile Body Wrap 

True Natural Spa uses The Dead Sea & Chamomile Body Wrap . The Dead Sea and Chamomile Mud soothes, heals, and cleanses the body and mind. The natural healing properties of Dead Sea Mud, and selected clays, are blended with essential oils that are rich in anti-inflammatory properties, desensitizing, and healing properties (lavender, chamomile, marigold, lime, cornflower, and St. John’s Wort).

The muds are designed to be liberally massaged onto the body, which forms a masque allowing nutrients and anti-oxidants to be absorbed into the skin – detoxifying, hydrating, and healing as it dries. The masque easily washes or rinses away. Will assist the body in purging the body of toxins as it dries.

105 Minutes Body Wrap include, body scrub, Hot towel, body wrap, sauna , shower,. $140 

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