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Vichy Shower

What is a Vichy Shower?

A Vichy shower is named after Vichy, France, where Vichy showers first became popular. A Vichy shower consists of you lying on a flat table, much like a massage table, however, the table allows for drainage. Above you are about five to seven showerheads. The showerheads are turned on, and warm water begins to massage your body. A Vichy shower can be done as part of a massage, as the shower heads massage your body and stimulate blood flow. They can also be used in conjunction with another treatment, such as a mud bath. After you sit in the mud bath and coat your skin, you can lay on a table and a Vichy shower will clean you off, while also helping you to further relax. Are you ready to try out a Vichy shower for the first time? Book your appointment at  True Natural Spa & Salt Room.

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